2nd Watson Headache® Institute International Symposium 2021 Online

1st - 3rd October 2021


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1st – 3rd October 2021

Scientific Program
Watson Headache Institute

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Health Professionals with a special interest in supporting people living with cervicogenic & primary headache – Manual Therapists (Physiotherapists, Chiropractors & Osteopaths), General Practitioners, Neurologists, Physicians & Researchers.

Please Note: If you are not a Health Professional but live with or have a special interest in headache and/or migraine you are most welcome to join us also.

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Helping Your Acquisition of Knowledge: Remain Discerning & Advocate Credibly for the Role of Cervical Afferents in Cervicogenic & Primary Headache.

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18 Presentations Over 3 Days!

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1st - 3rd October 2021

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Meet Your Speakers

Dr Elliot Shevel


‘The Tragic Migraine Fiasco’

Dr Elizabeth Huzzey


‘To Know What You Know and What You Do Not Know, That is True Knowledge (Confucius)’

Dr Richard (Rick) Kring


‘Why You Should be Asking ‘Why’?’

Prof Dr Harry von Piekartz


‘The Oro-Facial-Cervical Complex and Temporomandibular Dysfunction’

Prof Dr Fabrizio Benedetti


‘The Placebo Effect: Why and How Context Matters in the Therapeutic Outcome’

Dr Claudia Clerici


‘Exercise for Primary Headache – Does One Size Fit All?’

Assoc Prof Alan Pearce


‘The Pathophysiology of Persistent Post-Concussion Symptoms. Challenges and Opportunities.’

Ms Trina Morris


‘Offside… But Why the Red Card? A Case Study of a Concussed Footballer’

Assoc Prof Steve Milanese


‘The Evidence Based Practice Model Versus Clinical Practice’

Assist Prof Kelly Cheever


‘Differentiating Clinical Symptomatology Following Suspected Concussion: Who is at Greatest Risk?’

Prof Dr César Fernández-de-las-Peñas PT, PhD


‘Peripheral Inputs Driving into the Central Nervous System in Primary Headaches’

Dr Lis Dreijer Hammond


‘Understanding the Process of Psychosocial Adjustment: an Introduction to the Integrative Model of Adjustment to Chronic Conditions (IMACC)’

Dr Dean Watson


‘Thirty Years of Migraine… Where Do You Start?’ & ‘Menstrual Migraine Mayhem’

Dr Julie Walters


‘Manual Therapy as a Treatment for Migraine with Aura: A Multi-Site Case Series’

Mr Roger O'Toole


‘Upper Cervical Afferents and Vestibular Migraine: No Spin, Just Good Science’

Mr Damien Cummins


‘The Power of Manual Reproduction and Resolution of Headache’

Frequently Asked Questions

The Symposium has 18 presentations over 3 days.

The Symposium presentations will be available to view for 3 months after the event.

Presentations range from  30 – 60 minutes.

The Symposium presentations will be available to view for 3 months after the event.

The Symposium presentations will be available to view for 3 months after the event.

You will be able to download the workbook from the website, when the presentations become available.

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